Environmental project

Unfortunately, in recent years the region of Cusco has experienced a number of tragic forest fires that have devastated the local flora. Subsequently, the Association of Tourism Agencies of Cusco have begun to coordinate the execution of a reforestation project around the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

The project has been named ‘A million trees for Machu Picchu’ and aims to give tourists the opportunity to voluntarily contribute the cost of a tree within the tourist packages they book. The money that the project fundraises will be used to replace the trees that were lost in the disastrous forest fires, parts of which occurred in some areas of the historic sanctuary.

2020 reforestation Machu Picchu Viajes Peru

The ‘million trees for Machu Picchu’ initiative has been coordinated by the Association of Tourism Agencies of Cusco (AATC), who have validated the process in which the charge would be applied to tourists. The duration of the project is said to last five years, with the hope of replanting the flora that was sadly destroyed. Currently our planet is losing huge spans of forests each year due to deforestation and wildfires.

Machu Picchu Viajes Peru and its commitment to the environment

For the Machu Picchu Viajes Peru team, Cusco and its surroundings are our home. It is the center of our work and life, which is why we dedicate ourselves and express our respect and gratitude to the earth that gives us life. one of the ways we achieve this is through our quarterly cleaning campaigns in surrounding areas.

For the last 3 consecutive years, Machu Picchu Viajes Peru and all its staff have promoted a big clean of the surrounding areas that do not typically enjoy environmental cleanliness.
Machu Picchu Viajes Peru supports and creates the Environmental Project, which is thanks to the initiative of the General Manager and founder of Machu Picchu Viajes Peru, who always takes the lead in this cleaning campaign.

Machu Picchu Viajes Peru cleaning Tica tica

in 2018 Machu Picchu Viajes Peru organized a cleaning and recovery of green areas event around the Tica Tica area, at the door of the city of Cusco. Our team collected a total of 1145 kg of trash, which not only worries us about the condition of our beloved homeland but keeps us returning every quarter to undertake cleaning campaigns in the surrounding area.
Machu Picchu Viajes Peru supports and creates the Environmental Project.